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Alexander Retrov

MC and Speaker

From an early age Alex knew he wasn’t your average kid


A keen interest in ancient Egypt, at the age of 11 he knew history of ancient Egypt was incorrect, that the ‘Heretic’ pharaoh Akhenaten was not Tutankhamen’s father, that he was a ‘visitor’, and that the Great Pyramid was not a tomb, it was a power station.


Then at 14 he started channeling and has done so ever since, having regular ‘upgrades’ of Spirit guards as circumstances deemed it so.


In 2009, on his third trip to Egypt, whilst touring with a cosmic walk-in, Alex had a direct ‘face-to-face’ connection with Source, which involved massive downloads of information, that connection active until this day.


The following year he was directed to write the true history of Egypt, which resulted several years later in the 5-book series “RED GRANITE – The Grains of Truth Beneath the Sands of Egypt” which was quickly followed by instruction to create a documentary series containing the facts behind the facts, “RED GRANITE”, 11 of the 50 plus series of controversial documentaries currently available on You Tube.


In 2013 Alex channeled the text for, and produced, a 7-CD set of Guided Chakra Visualisations, the music specifically composed using the modes of the Theory of Effects and detuned to the frequency of Hydrogen. He followed this, in 2015 he channelled, wrote and edited two books, “In the Womb of the Goddess”, a pregnancy companion and rebirthing guide, and “She WhoWould Be Queen”,a self-help book for women to assist them moving out of their patterns and into their highest purpose.


Called to Uluru for the December Solace in 2020, Alex spent most of his time holding space in the campsite, channeling information for those present, explaining the higher dimensional agendas and resolving issues concerning the mis-representation of the reptilians.


All of this work was, and is, in preparation for the resolution of the 5th Dimensional Lyran wars, the exposing and resolving of the narcissistic patterns that currently dominate human consciousness, and creating, through conscious intent, a new divine creative ‘feminine’ consciousness that encompasses accountability.



Alexander Retrov
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