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Remove RepetitivePattterns of Suffering


Use methods that have stood the test of time,
so your transformations can stand the test of time

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Live a soul led life according to your divine plan

  • Transformative Journey: Break free from repetitive patterns of suffering and reconnect with your divine self through proven methods.

  • Timeless Wisdom: Utilise methods that have stood the test of time, ensuring lasting transformations.

  • Soul-led Life: Live according to your divine plan, unfolding a life of ease, grace, and fulfilment.

  • Accelerated Growth: Reach your goals faster, feel more inspired, energised, and healthier on a daily basis.

  • Unlock Your Potential: Embrace a life where you make better decisions, communicate effectively, and radiate deep self-love, leading to a more fulfilling and adventurous existence.

Imagine stepping into a life where...

Clarity and confidence guide every decision, where your words effortlessly weave connections and understanding with those around you.


You release the heavy burdens of self-doubt and uncertainty, and embracing a deep love for yourself that illuminates every interaction, infusing the world with warmth and authenticity.

You unlock the door to your true essence, revealing the radiant, authentic self that has long been waiting to emerge.

Guided by the whispers of your soul and the wisdom of your higher self, you embark on a path of boundless growth and fulfilment, where thriving becomes not just a possibility, but a natural state of being.

See the world anew, one of wonder and possibility, a thrilling adventure unfolding before you.

And as you courageously embark on this transformative journey, you liberate yourself from the shackles of past pain and recurring patterns of suffering, opening the door to a life overflowing with limitless potential and joy.


Together, let's embrace the journey ahead, eager to witness the extraordinary transformations awaiting us.


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Global Energetic Re-calibration Specialist, Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Trailblazer

For over a decade, Kemina has been igniting monumental transformations worldwide, leaving a trail of thousands of empowered souls in her wake.

The sense of trust and authenticity you feel when you begin a session with Kemina, provides relief from the start.

She goes directly to the core of the issue with a loving feminine strength that opens up your heart with comfortable ease.

She takes you on a journey to the inner most workings of yourself and leading you to unexpected places in such a short time. 


By the end, you'll feeling empowered and clear on your next steps.

Kemina's journey has been enriched by numerous mentors who imparted timeless wisdom, but it's her firsthand experiences that shaped her ability to catalyse transformative change in people.


Drawing from the collective wisdom of her mentors, insights directly from source and thousands of world-wide client sessions, Kemina possesses a profound understanding of how experiences can elevate our vibration and revolutionise our daily existence.


One of Kemina's remarkable gifts lies in her ability to distill complexity into simplicity, discerning what truly matters amidst the noise. This talent has allowed her to explore diverse modalities, including Kinesiology and Heart Matrix, and gain insights directly from the source.


She has crafted a unique approach that recalibrates the energetic system, elevating individuals to higher states of being and awareness, while unveiling their purpose and harmonising their minds and bodies into a flow state.


Her ultimate goal is for everyone to discover their life's purpose, a mission she actively supports by guiding individuals on their journey towards self-realisation and fulfillment.

Nikki T


I had developed a compulsive habit which had begun to seriously interfere with my life and wellbeing. My efforts to control it were not working. 

After the session with Kemina, a dramatic change: as if the compulsion had moved far away, I now feel enormous space in which to make a choice, to take or leave it. This has freed up energy I never had, and my mind is clear and sharp. 

To be truthful, I could write a pamphlet on the benefits I am living since.

Karen McLeod 

Sales Manager

Kemina is amazing. After trying various approaches to addressing a debilitating anxiety triggering issue, Kemina was able to help me completely switch this off within a few sessions, amongst other things!

I love that she was able to help me do this without any overthinking on my part.

She nurtures a non-intimidating environment – we’ve even managed to have a laugh at some of the curious things that have come up during the process!

Brett D Scott

Life Coach

Kemina and her work with Energy has helped me to move through blocked situations everytime!!

Highly recommend.


In fact, I’ve referred her many friends and the feedback is the same.

Elizabeth Steeley


​​Kemina is amazing. My family have enjoyed big changes in emotional wellness, physical illnesses and a new sense of clarity, inner space and a sense of a way forward in what had felt like sheer chaos.

She’s frank, kind, compassionate, welcoming and can hold the space for even the biggest emotion.


Along with a sense of humour she offers such an open honest healing space.

Belinda O'Connor

Change Manager

​I thought I knew who I was and what my purpose was and then I met Kemina!


In the span of a few months I have resolved my past, gained comfort knowing my future and now embrace every moment in the present.

Abundantly grateful to Kemina for unlocking me and supporting my journey.

Jodie Macquarrie

Kindergarten Teacher

​​I didn’t know a great deal about energy work before hand but Kemina was recommended to me so I went along….. I was really desperate for help…… was finding that medication and other practitioners were not helping…. Kemina has given me a new life…..I am dealing with my situation…. I’m happy……I’m sleeping like a baby…… have found peace and serenity within myself…. my concentration is better…… my relationships with people have improved….. I can’t recommend her enough….. I owe her so much

Ann-Maree Bond

Mum of 4

Kemina has been so beneficial to my physical and emotional wellness over the past two years.


I find her sessions extremely intuitive and insightful and I always leave feeling better than I did when I arrived.

Kemina is straight talking and a very ‘real’ person that I find to have a genuine investment and interest in my overall health and wellbeing.

I am very grateful to have access to her treatments and have no hesitation in highly recommending her services.

Jacqui Speirs

Recruitment Company Owner

You are the BEST at what you do!! I am forever grateful

Eleesa Gee

Mum of 2

You and your time is so valued and you’re the best in the business Kemina.

Hands down the best help I’ve ever received.

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