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Selfseeker Festival #4

Kupidabin Wilderness - Brisbane

Saturday 25 May 2024

9am till 6pm

Tickets $30

✨ Selfseeker Festival: A Celebration to Ignite the Spirit and Nourish the Soul ✨

Join us for a magical Saturday filled with transformative workshops, immersive soundscapes, photo exhibition, yoga and so much more.


🔗My workshop: Breaking Chains: Liberation Through Self-Love group Healing and Meditation 🔗


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the labyrinth of love. In this transformative workshop, we’ll dive deep into the heart of self-love, revealing its raw truth and undeniable power.

🔗 What to Expect
  • Group Healing Session: A soul-stirring experience to heal past wounds.

  • Guided Meditation: Transport yourself to realms of self-discovery

  • Breaking Free: Detach from old love stories that have echoed through lifetimes and embrace the boundless potential of self-love.


Are you ready to break free from the chains of your past and embrace a new chapter of self-love and empowerment? Let me guide you on this liberating adventure.

🌟Selfseeker Festival Highlights 🌟
  • Photography Exhibition: Delight your senses with captivating visual art.

  • Dance & Movement: Sway to the rhythm and connect through movement.

  • Sound Journey: Let melodies transport you to serenity.

  • Invigorating Workshops: Challenge yourself with activities that inspire growth.

  • Instrument Museum: Discover over 35 musical treasures from around the globe.

  • Thought-Provoking Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations on connection and community.

  • Eclectic Swap Market: Find treasures.

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation: Awaken your body and spirit.

  • Vibrant Swap Meet: Indulge in the spirit of exchange.

  • Fire Circle Closing Ceremony: Gather around the fire for a poignant farewell.


Prepare for a weekend of transformation, connection, and fun. I can’t wait to see you there!

🌸Join me at the Sunseeker Festival – Let’s Break Chains Together!🌸

Tickets for the Self-seeker event with the workshop by Kemina are $30

Past events

universal dreaming banner.png

Saturday 24th March 2024

Spend an afternoon with Auntie Minnie Mace, who will share wisdom passed down from her mentor, the great Ray Johnson who received the Egyptian award of antiquities for being the leader in Egyptian wisdom and magic, by the Egyptian government.

​In the talking circle, you'll have a yarn with Auntie Minnie who'll take you to far off places to:

  • The true Ancient Egyptian wisdom - the masters of wisdom and magic

  • The forgotten history of how we came to be here

  • How the religions came to be formed

  • 42 wise councils

  • Transforming with much more ease and grace - the short cuts

  • and so much more.

It will be yarn like you've never had before, as she tells tales of great leaders, untold history and the mysteries of the universe.

You'll have the opportunity to connect with sacred Ancient Egyptian jewellery and artifacts and ask Auntie Minnie burning questions about all the things you've wanted to know but haven't had known who to ask or had the opportunity to find out.

Musical soundscape

Drums & drumming deliver a vibration linked with strengthening the immune system, inspiring the flow of breath and creating temporal shifts, often taking us on primordial journeys.

To complement this special day with Aunty, we have :Daniel-Alejandro. (Ki-La-Gung) providing the aural heartbeat on a selection of hand drums inspired to unite.

Auntie Minnie Mace
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