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Science meets spirituality

Using the Bodyflow Energetics method, taught by Kemina, that uses ancient wisdom and wisdom directly from source, it’s almost becoming a broken record to hear people say after a session, “WOW, YOU DID ALL THAT!’

Living a soul-led life

Welcome to the sacred journey of soul-led living—a path of deep self-discovery, inner transformation, and divine alignment.


As we embark on this soulful quest, guided by the whispers of our intuition and the wisdom of our innermost being, we open ourselves to a world of infinite possibilities and profound realisations. In the sessions with Kemina, we will explore the essence of soul-led living and uncover practical strategies for embodying this transformative way of being.

Unveiling the essence of soul-Led Living

Soul-led living is not merely a concept or ideology; it is a profound invitation to reclaim our true essence, honour our deepest desires, and live in alignment with our divine purpose. At its core, soul-led living is about surrendering to the wisdom of our soul and trusting in the divine guidance that flows through us. It is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual awakening—a journey that leads us back to the truth of who we are.​

Bodyflow Energetics sessions are...

Tailored to you

Recalibrate your energetic system to recalibrate your reality

We will be taking the current issues that you face and evolve them so that you are learning the skills, applying the skills, growing, and expanding during the process.

  • Pin point accuracy of the origin of the trauma from any lifetime

  • Timeline adjustment, led by your soul

  • Release all ancestral trauma

  • Clear energetic interference, entities, spells, curses and more

  • Chakra and meridian cleanse and realignment

  • Detachment from physical / emotional / mental trauma

  • Disease frequency neutralising

  • Nervous system recalibration.


Each session builds on the previous ones, by supporting you to build a supportive foundation where you thrive.
  • Life force and purpose alignment

  • Connect with and heal the soul

  • Connect with your higher purpose

  • Connect with and heal past lives and core trauma to release current life trauma and suffering

  • Tools and strategies to increase empowerment.


This is building a capacity to exist in much higher and more expansive realities.

To do this, you must be able to consistently withstand higher levels of change than you are currently experiencing.


Profound in real time

Creating these shifts now

You will be provided with an analysis of the session detailing...
  • Why you are the way you are.

  • What Kemina has opened up for you and detached you from.

  • Understand how your past life or this life trauma and ancestral trauma is affecting you now and how it is now changed for you.

  • Clear description on how the session will be a life changing moment for you.

  • Communicate exactly what you need to know in moving forward after a session.

  • Effective tools and strategies to transform your life.



My expectation is that you bring real opportunities and problems to explore and that although I am assisting you in this process, the responsibility of results is upon you in the amount of work you put into it, and your commitment to your own results.

Thank you again for the opportunity to co-create at this level of refinement.


I am very excited to see what we can accomplish together.

Mastery mentoring  packages

Mastery mentoring is incredibly beneficial for individuals who are looking to radically transform and accelerate their spiritual development overcome obstacles, gain confidence and take your life to the next level in joy, love, health, wealth and freedom. And ultimately reach your goals faster than you would on your own.

Our work together is Tailored to you, Masterful, and Profound in real time.

During our sessions together we will be exploring the concepts of applied spirituality and although these sessions are tailored to current results there are many concepts and tools that we can draw upon.

In general, we will work with:

  • Understanding the key principles of mastery

  • Exploration of the philosophy and concepts of Applied Spirituality

  • The process of creating a quantum leap in real time

  • Learning how to shift our vibrational range by choice

  • Unifying your energy with your soul, spirit, Gaia and source

  • Accessing the energy of the deeper and more pure form of love, love 2.0 to activate your abundance and transform your relationships

  • A deeper understanding of the divine masculine and feminine

  • Understanding core principles controlling your life and how to transform them such as karma, disharmony, forgiveness, bindings, addiction and lack of receiving.


Masterful Mentoring packages are...

  • One-on-one intensive 1 hour sessions

  • Choose from a package of 5 or 10 sessions

  • Mentoring and energy recalibration sessions are held fortnightly

The sessions are based on you learning to apply spiritual and energetic principles in a tangible way within your own life, and include energetic recalibration as part of the session.

Book an Energetic Recalibration

Single Energetic Recalibration Session

AUD $160

One-on-one intensive

1 hour sessions are available globally

5 Session Mastery Mentoring Package

AUD $750
SAVE $50

Each session builds on each other to create a supportive foundation where you thrive.

10 Session Mastery Mentoring Package

AUD $1450
SAVE $150

Our work together is Tailored to you, Masterful, and Profound in real time.

Sessions and Mastery mentoring packages

Check out session availablity and book a date and time that works for you. If you are located outside of Australia or New Zealand, payment is only available through PayPal.

Meet Kemina

Live a more inspired life

A Global Energetic Re-calibration Specialist, Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Author and Trailblazer

The sense of trust and authenticity you feel when you begin a session with Kemina, provides relief from the start.

She goes directly to the core of the issue with a loving feminine strength that opens up your heart with comfortable ease.

She takes you on a journey to the inner most workings of yourself and leading you to unexpected places in such a short time. 


By the end, you'll feeling empowered and clear on your next steps.

Kemina grew up an athlete in a loveless family, that communicated through one-word sentences, and was unable to express their feelings.


From a young age, she only received love when she was winning, whether it be competing for love as a family member or in Tae Kwon Do.


Kemina went on to be an Australian Tae Kwon Do champion. However, Kemina realised that there was more to life than the still programmed belief, that to receive love you have to be the best.


She went on a journey to discover herself and her place in the world by studying at the best journalism college and acting school in the world, to fill in the gaps her early years hadn’t given her.


After the tragic loss of her father when he took his life, it left Kemina feeling unfulfilled, powerless and without parental validation.


Kemina wanted to do something about it but wasn’t sure how.


She helped countless others and gave love without giving it to herself. But that behaviour didn’t improve Kemina’s situation until the day that it all changed.


Kemina realised that she must love herself first and only help people who are willing to change.


In that moment, Kemina was more fulfilled than she had ever been. She decided to go on a quest to help herself and to help others, in that order.


With a thirst for knowledge and wisdom, she studied screenwriting, Kinesiology, Heart Matrix and many other transformational modalities.


Kemina has been a professional energetic re-calibrator and a coach for over a decade.


In absence of leadership, Kemina became the change she wanted to see, by authoring a transformational book, Bite Sized Changes and creating her own modality, Bodyflow Energetics.


Kemina now trains Bodyflow Energetics energy recalibrators, which are known to be some of the best in the world.

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