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Kemina Fulwood

Ceremony Facilitator, Speaker, Divinity Downunder Founder

A professional healer and a coach for over a decade.

In absence of leadership, Kemina became the change she wanted to see, by authoring a healing book, Bite Sized Changes and creating her own modality, Bodyflow Energetics. Kemina now trains Heart Matrix healers, which are known to be some of the best healers in the world.

She was a speaker at the 2020 solstice seminar at Uluru and has solidified her place on the cutting edge of the new energy, by founding the New Earth Movement.

Kemina is currently travelling Australia on the Ignite the Light Within Tour, with the sacred stone of Uluru.

She is bringing awareness to a turning point that we are facing and guiding humanity to one of the most needed moments in time, through Divinity Downunder.

Rest assured our future looks much brighter with Kemina shining her light on the Road to Divinity.


+61 400 565 116

Kemina Fulwood
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